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Who is ECA Medical?

What we do

We are the go-to source for helping organizations transition to single-use, Surgery-Ready solutionsTM.  At ECA, we are the single source needed to rapidly bring a surgical procedure kit or instrument from ideation to fulfillment.

The Results Speak for Themselves

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Who We Are

Surgery Ready, Made Easy™ — ECA Medical is the leader in single-use precision torque limiting instruments and sterile pack, surgery-ready orthopedic procedural kits for trauma, extremities, sports medicine, joint recon, and spine implant fixation. With 45 years serving OEM implant leaders and healthcare stakeholders, ECA has shipped over 50 million single-use medical instruments and over 500,000 surgery ready instrument kits worldwide. Every 10 seconds of every day, an ECA instrument is at work providing precision fixation, one surgery, one patient at a time.

Major Markets

• Trauma • Extremities • Sports Medicine • Spine  • Sacral Joint • Joint Recon • CMF & Thoracic



Optimized and tailored single-use, surgery ready instruments and procedural kits provide implant OEMs with clinically robust solutions and new profit centers.

They eliminate the life cycle costs and reprocessing steps tied to reusable sets and provide surgeons and OR teams with efficient surgery prep, easy cleanup, and faster OR turnover and improved sustainability – key benefits in the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) setting.

ECA offers off the shelf and customized instruments and solutions with full validations for the complete range of orthopaedic and spine implant fixation needs.


ECA Medical is the industry expert partnering with implant OEMs to design and develop tailored and optimized sterile pack and surgery ready instrument solutions that are clinically robust and add economic value in the hospital and ASC settings.

ECA’s extensive clinical experience, and complete end to end design, testing, validation, and manufacturing capabilities are unparalleled and unique reducing development cost and accelerating time to market. Collaborating with our customers we convert existing reusable instruments to sustainable single use sets or develop a new instrument kit solution from scratch in record time.

ECA is the #1 choice of industry leaders, serving as their trusted single use arm for the complete range of trauma, extremity, sports medicine, joint recon, and spine procedures.

Torque Limiters

TruTORQ™ family of precision torque limiters for hand driven fixation of ortho and spine screws and constructs: torque limiting ranges from 0.5Nm to 14Nm and many handle types including axial, palm, T-handle, and Offset T-Handle with AO and 1/4square connectors. Sterile pack and surgery ready.

TruPWR™ torque limiters with rpm management range from0.5Nm to 14Nm with AO or 1/4 square connectors for securing trauma, extremity, large joint and spine implants.

TruPWR reduces surgeon fatigue and O.R. time and improves patient safety with precision fixation of the construct/implant. TruPWR instruments provide precision torque limiting for a large joint, humeral plateor complete scoliosis procedure.

Our Focus

Made Easy

• Sterile procedural kits for instruments and implants
• Single-use instruments that can be used in kits or sold separately
• Collaborative partner to optimize and tailor  high quality product solutions that exceed expectations
• Turnkey, one stop solution partner to minimize resource load and increase speed to market
• From design iterations to commercialized production including injection molding, packaging and sterilization

Surgery ReadyTM Kits

The World Leader in Torque Limiters

We are the undisputed worldwide leader in single-use precision torque limiting for fixation of medical implants.  With over 43 years of experience, having shipped greater than 47 million torque limiters, and active partnerships with world leading implant companies, there is no other choice when seeking single-use experts for torque limiting solutions.

Torque Limiters

A Turn-key Solution

One source. One process. One point of contact.

Traditional solution
using multiple suppliers

Using ECA
One Supplier

ECA’s comprehensive solution gets your products to market faster with minimized resource load and complexity.
Reusable Instruments
1 reusable kit
Multiple contract
Multiple quality
Multiple supply
More resources;
1 single use kit
1 contract
1 quality
1 supply
Less resources;

Surgery-ReadyTM  Kit Indications

We offer standard product configurations for most target cases and options for all. This flexibility allows our customers to customize kits for a variety of surgical indications such as:


Upper Extremities

Lower Extremities


Large Joints

Sports Medicine

Cardiovascular / CVAD


Our Torque Limiting Products



Orthopaedic & Spine

Cardio & Neuro

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