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Torque Limiters & Instruments for Orthopaedics & Spine

Orthopaedic & Spine Torque Limiters

Single-Use, Precision Torque Limiting

ECA Medical continues to make orthopaedic surgery safer for patients by taking the guesswork out of tightening locking screws into plates by leveraging 42+ years of experience in torque limiting of medical devices and implants.

TruPWRTM  Attachment

Single-Use, Torque Limiting Driver with Speed Reducers

TruPWR High Torque
Set Points:  10.0 Nm
(Future 5.0 to 14.0 Nm)
Connection:  ¼ Square

TruPWR Low Torque
Set Points: 0.8 to 2.5 Nm
Connection:  AO


Single Use Torque Limiting Family of Instruments

Low Range

• Setup Point Range: 05.Nm to 2.0Nm
• Connection: Connection: AO

Small Axial

Torque Range
0.5Nm to 2.0Nm

Medium Axial

Torque Range
0.5Nm to 2.0Nm


Torque Range
0.5Nm to 2.0Nm

Mid Range

• Setup Point Range: 2.0Nm to 6.0Nm
• Connection: AO and ¼ Square

Large Axial

Torque Range
2.0 to 6.0Nm


Torque Range
2.0Nm to 6.0Nm

High Range

• Setup Point Range: 6.0Nm to 14.0Nm
• Connection: ¼ Square


Torque Range
6.0Nm to 14.0Nm

Offset T-Handle

Torque Range
6.0Nm to 14.0Nm

Other Torque Limiters

Model 219 Axial

Torque set points from 5 – 20 lb. in. (0.55 – 2.24Nm)

Model 220 T-Handle

Torque set points from 10 – 40 lb. in. (1.12 – 4.51Nm)

Other Instruments

Model 809  Axial Fixed Driver

Model 419  Axial Fixed Driver

Model 806 Axial Fixed Driver with AO connection

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