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Why Surgery-Ready, Single-Use Procedure Kits?

What are Surgery-ReadyTM  Kits?

The new standard for safe and efficient operating rooms.

What are Surgery-Readytm kits?

Surgery-readyTM, single-use kits are sterile packed instruments, pristine for every procedure and patient. Care providers and Implant companies enjoy a significant cost savings compared to the time and effort invested in reprocessing and maintaining reusable instruments.

What are the main features of Surgery-Readytm kits?

  • Reduces reprocessing logistics
  • Optimized by indication
  • Pristine & unused
  • Always available
  • Improves case flow

External Forces are Changing the Market

Regulations and healthcare costs are changing where surgeries are performed.

Outside of the
United States

  • European market asking for sterile implants
  • EU MDR increased requirements on reusable instrument cleaning


  • Healthcare costs are rising so pricing pressures are forcing healthcare providers to find cost savings
  • Value-based care, bundled pricing, and contracts are forcing change
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1 - Sg2: Sg2 2017 Impact of Change Forecast: Finding Growth. May 5, 2017
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Surgery Centers are Growing

Increasing popularity of surgery centers in North America & Europe are driving the need to reconsider fulfillment costs and logistics while growing implant sales and preserving margins.



US outpatient procedure volume growing at 15% CAGR. (1)



13% CAGR for ASCs in Europe, growing from $18B in 2013 to $42B in 2020. (2)

The Cost of Reprocessing

Reusable instrumentation, once manufactured, are not free.  Reprocessing costs per case are significant as well as product spares, repairs, and recalibration



Reprocessing Costs



Reprocessing Cost

1 -Stockert EW, Langerman AJ. Assessing the Magnitude and Costs of Intraoperative Inefficiencies Attributable to
Surgical Instrument Trays. Journal of the American College of Surgeons. 2014 Oct; 219(4): 646-655.[7]

Reusable instruments have many hidden costs.(3)


Contaminated instruments found in sets coming out of sterile processing


Additional costs for sterilizing instruments as compared to single-use devices

>3 hours

Minimum time taken to reprocess an orthopaedic instrument kit

A Simpler Workflow Process

A smarter, cost effective approach to implant fixation is here.

If your hospital or ASC is looking to reduce costs while maintaining high standards of care, ECA’s single-use kits will seamlessly optimize care provider’s workflow and improve margins.

A Simpler Sales Cycle

The Inefficiencies of the Status Quo

Value Delivered

Benefits of Surgery Ready Single-Use Solutions

Faster OR turnover
than reusable

97% faster than sterilizing reusable

more cases

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