Connecting Medical Devices and Implants With a Legacy of Trust and Precision

ECA Medical Instruments® is the leading designer and manufacturer of single-procedure torque-limiting surgical instruments and surgery ready procedural kits to the medical implant industry and surgeons worldwide.

Medical device designers, surgeons, and patients alike rely on ECA Medical Instruments® single procedure instruments in the O.R. each day to safely secure medical device implants. The world’s largest medical device and healthcare companies turn to ECA Medical Instruments as the trusted surgical solution for disposable torque instruments and sterile-packed instrument kits in the Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), Cardiovascular, Neuromodulation, Orthopaedic, Spine, Cranio-Maxillofacial, Trauma and Extremity implant markets.

Since 1979, ECA Medical Instruments has been the disposable torque-limiting instrument supplier of choice to all major CRM and Neuromodulation OEMs. Robust disposable instruments and sterile-packed procedural kits are now being developed to OEM specifications for applications across the trauma, extremity, spine, CMF and general ortho recon market segments as alternatives to costly reusable sets which require extensive reprocessing and re-calibration costs. Adoption of single-use instruments insures torque calibration accuracy, eliminates reprocessing costs, positions OEMs for increased implant sales, improves inventory cycles and O.R. productivity and reduces the risk of surgical site infections. Located in Southern California, ECA Medical Instruments is an award-winning product company with ISO 13485:2003 certification, FDA registration, and CE Mark.

Cardiac Rhythm Management

Every 20 seconds of everyday an ECA Medical Instruments torque-limiting instrument is used by a surgeon somewhere in the world to install a pacemaker or ICD. With precision and without fail. ECA Medical Instruments is the industry leader in…

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ECA Medical Instruments is the leading manufacturer of disposable torque-limiting instruments and kits to the cardiovascular market. ECA Medical Instruments makes a complete range of disposable instruments to assist surgeons secure…

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Neuromodulation & Stimulation

ECA Medical Instruments’ precision disposable torque-limiting instruments are the industry standard and surgeon choice for securing the complete range of neuromodulation and neurostimulation devices including deep…

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Orthopaedic Trauma

ECA Medical Instruments develops 100% disposable instruments and sterile surgery ready kits for securing the full range of trauma implants for cranio-maxillofacial, wrist/hand, foot/ankle, clavicle, spine and general recon and degenerative…

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Orthopaedic Extremity

ECA Medical Instruments develops 100% disposable instruments and sterile surgery ready kits for securing the full range of extremity implants for distal radius, hand, foot/ankle, bunion and hammertoe repair, long bone (femur, tibia, fibula, humerus)…

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Spine Instruments & Procedural Kits

The spine implant market is changing fast. Driven by hospital and ASC cost cutting, CMS and payor reimbursement changes, heated competition and the race to capture emerging market share, every OEM implant company…

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Single-Procedure Value & Benefits

The sustained benefits and value of single-procedure surgical torque-limiting instruments and sterile-packed procedural kits vs. costly reusable sets, which are depreciated loaners and cost centers, include:

  • Pristine instrument set for every patient and implant
  • Guaranteed precision torque for every procedure
  • OEMs can increase implant sales as instruments and implants always surgery ready
  • Improved OR efficiency and reduced inventory hassles
  • Elimination of reprocessing costs
  • Reduced risk of surgical site infection
  • OEMs save over $1,000 per procedure
  • OEMs gain new annuity revenue