One Instrument, One Patient at a Time

One Instrument, One Patient at a Time™

ECA is advancing a legacy of trusted surgical solutions. We’re the leading designer and manufacturer of single-procedure torque-limiting instruments and sterile-packed, surgery-ready procedural kits to the medical implant industry and surgeons worldwide.

Medical device manufacturers, hospitals, surgery centers, surgeons and patients alike rely on ECA’s precision single-use instruments and sterile-packed kits in the operating room each day to safely secure critical implant devices used in Cardiac Rhythm Management, Cardiovascular, Neuromodulation, Orthopaedic, Spine, Trauma, Extremity, and Cranio-Maxillofacial procedures.

Since 1979, the company has designed and delivered over 35 million single-use instruments and sterile-packed procedural kits to our medical device and implant customers. In fact, every 15 seconds of every day an ECA single-use surgical solution secures a medical implant – one patient at a time.

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Every 15 seconds an ECA Medical Instruments single-use surgical solution secures a medical device implant – one patient at a time.

Spine Kit

How Orthopaedic & Spine Implant Firms Sell More Implants and Save $1B per Year

The way of the future for Orthopaedic and Spine instrumentation has arrived. Surgery-ready instrument kits coupled with sterile implants are increasing OEM sales, eliminating reprocessing costs and reducing risk of surgical site infection while cutting hospital and ASC costs by over $1,200 per case. Contact us at: to learn how we can help you transform healthcare economics.